The XVIIth International Congress of Celtic Studies – Utrecht 2023

ICCS Present

The XVIIth International Congress of Celtic Studies will be held in Utrecht, 24-28 July 2023.

We are delighted to welcome the Celtic Studies Community to the medieval city of Utrecht, in the year that also marks the centenary of Celtic Studies in Utrecht. We plan to celebrate this centenary with the festive publication of a biography of the founder of Celtic Studies in Utrecht, prof. A. G. van Hamel, and a podcast about his successor, prof. Maartje Draak. Both will be based in part on the previously unexplored personal archives of Van Hamel and Draak, currently housed at Utrecht University Library. The publications will illustrate magnificently the strong ties between the Netherlands and the international Celtic community in terms of scholarly networks and research developments over the past hundred years.

The logo for this edition of ICCS honours the Celtic heritage of the Netherlands, with a Celtic coin dated to approximately 100 BCE. It was was found in Brabant (the South of the Netherlands), and it is currently kept at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden.